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I write this account of our experience with a removals and storage company without prejudice. The purpose of writing this account is to make others aware so that no one else gets ripped off as we did. I attest that the following is true and correct. Steven Dow

In January 2015 circumstances arose where we had need to store our furniture and move in with family.


This was to be my big mistake. Our furniture was with Crusader Removals for 15 months. We have never been receipted for any payments made to this company. Once after 6 months we were finally sent an invoice, a large one. We paid it off. Meanwhile time is passing and we await the official acknowledgement of payment and balance. NEVER HAPPENED. They failed to credit us around $180.00 that we overpayed on the first invoice.

It took many emails and phone calls to Crusader Removals and in particular a person called Nathan to get another invoice, 7 months later. My requests were ignored.
I emailed him how I would proceed through official channels. He accused me of threatening him and because I owed him money I had No Rights. He told me to go ahead with my complaints.
Finally on the 14th of April 2016 they send me two invoices which had to be paid before our furniture and belongings were delivered on the 16th April.
On this occasion we were ripped off again by over $400. The invoices had to be paid prior to delivery. No Payment No Furnture! No Belongings!

Nathan of Crusader Removals had the power in his hands to charge us what he saw fit. Which is exactly what he did. He knew we were pensioners and I believe he preyed on us.

We now realise we were ripped off on pick up too, except they were a bit more subtle that time and increased the hours.
I have copies of the emails I have sent that have been ignored. I have records of phone calls made that were also ignored.
I also have copies of the emails that were sent with invoices and some minor replies. My Major concerns were never addressed.

To add insult to injury we find that some of our furniture is broken, some screws were missing to reassemble dining tables that they dismantled and did not put back together. We are still going through boxes and finding broken items a clear indication of mishandling. Some things never even turned up. Funny how on pick up they made such a show of marking off what we had and labelling it, yet on drop off no confirmation was performed.

It took two men 45 minutes to unload one small truck, (imagine how quick load up was) they had easy access and their job was made easy for them. That includes toilet and smoke break. The people that uploaded and that delivered our furniture were polite and done their job. That is not where the problem lies.

I DO NOT Want this to happen to anyone else. I am not asking anyone to take sides, But, Please, if you agree that people should not be ripped off share this post. If it saves one person from going through this it will be worth it.

At the time of publishing there has been no email from Crusader Removals asking for our bank account details to give our money back.



Transportation Service
Crusader Removals's photo.

Mingenew Police Thwart Potential Disaster


I believe the above translates something like this-

Mingenew Police charged a 44yr old male with Drug Driving, Possession of Cannabis, Possession of Smoking Implement and Dangerous Driving to boot. Guess it is safe to say this truckie won’t be trucking for a while. Thank You Mingenew Police. Disaster Averted.

Regards  *S*

A Baffling Case For Carnarvon Police. Item Of Interest.


An out of control dog has attacked three people, biting two of them causing injury. 

The incident which occurred over a two day period has been reported to and is being dealt with by Mandurah City Rangers. During the attack Police were called to assist and did not turn up.

Given that the Police are there to protect and serve, it should also be a given that They turn up to assist if and when required. Five houses in this small cul-de-sac have complained about the dog and its owners on many occasions as the animal is always out without a leash and terrorizes the street. It is a matter of time before serious injury is caused, there are around 15 children that live & play in the street.

My daughter was rushed by this dangerous dog and managed  to avoid injury on this occasion. It is unfortunate that the owners of the dog are unapproachable and become violent when challenged over the dogs or anything else for that matter.

My thoughts are with the two men that were injured in the attack on two separate occasions. I will add here that this is not the dog’s fault as it is mistreated, beaten and kicked by its owner. 

I thank Mandurah City rangers for their promptness in addressing this situation. However, without protection from the local constabulary this situation can and probably will escalate out of control. Someone is either going to be seriously injured or maimed. Mandurah is not the place to live.

Thanks & Regards *S*

Buying A Car Online Is Easy, Convenient & Fast – There Are Some Things To Consider To Avoid The Scams

Buying a car online is convenient & easy. There are many sites to choose from and thousands of cars listed, categorized photographs at your fingertips ready for your perusal. Perhaps this choice is your first car adding to the excitement of online purchasing.

There are some pitfalls that online buyers & sellers can come across. Some of these can be devastating to the unwary.
Personally I would consider a checklist such as


  • Run The Rego Through REVS
  • Confirm The Advert Authenticity
  • Confirm Photographs (They might be fake)
  • View The Vehicle
  • 100 Point Vehicle Check
  • Know The Identity Of The Seller (MDL)
  • Complete All Paper Work At Point Of Purchase


  • Don’t Leave The Keys In The Vehicle
  • Keep The Vehicle Locked
  • Never Hand Over The Keys (until purchase is complete)
  • Do not Allow Lone Test Driving (Always Go With Your Vehicle)
  • Know The Identity Of The Buyer (MDL)
  • Complete All Paper Work At Point Of Purchase

Thanks & Regards  *S*

Thanks WA Police For Keeping Our Community And Public Transport Commuters Safe.

Hello Readers.
WA Police undertook a massive task today patrolling various Train and Bus Stations. What a Fantastic show of blue. I have taken some time to compile some of the tweets throughout the day and presented them here up until 9pm. Please show your support of this massive push for community and Public Transport Commuter Safety. I felt safer from just reading all of the tweets. I will also add that these tweets have previously been retweeted and Favorited Thank You To All WA Police.
Regards & Thanks *S*



The 2015 Police Excellence Awards

Hello Readers

The 2015 Police Awards are here. There are many considerations when nominating an officer or a team for these awards. When you nominate please ensure that your nomination meets the criteria or it will not be considered. There are many Police Officers & Teams out there that are deserving of the award. 

A police officer or team that is deserving of this award would be one that is outstanding from the rest, not an easy choice because they are umpteen ‘outstanding’ stations, where many teams and officers work. Consider the actions of the team or officer, looking for fairness, empathy, professionalism, openness and above all the ability to resolve police matters within the community.

Does your local station sound like this, they would go above and beyond Policing, reaching out to the community promoting the entire Police force in the face of the community. These officers are standout models in the community, attending many events, involving the public by means of Social Media which is a fantastic way to keep up to date with what is happening in the many communities.

Police Officers Keep the community safe, we call them when we are in danger or a matter arises that requires Police attention, These Men & Women, put their lives on the line and face adversity head on, they deal with the unfortunates of society, Drugs & Weapons are part of everyday duties. Dealing with deceased and injured victims, dealing with people that are angry and upset because of a set of circumstances that should not of occurred.

Police Officers deal with many situations, so when they get to yours, they have already dealt with someone else’s. They are there to help, they do not need to be abused or assaulted. They have to stay calm while diffusing someone else’s situation that they often know nothing about. They cannot be blamed for that. Look for these qualities in the officer or team that you choose to nominate for the awards.

You can Nominate Here

Thanks & Regards *S*

When Things Go Wrong

Hello Readers,

This post may seem controversial to some but this is how it happened and why it happened and the result. To say I am an unhappy camper is an understatement. I have learnt that not all Police Stations operate the same, some really go above and beyond their duties and actually care about the people in the community that they are policing. Others really could not give a damn! Thus begins my experience and my story which I will relate to here.

Taking my mind back to April when all of this stuff started I must admit that I have regrets regarding the way i handled the situation, what I should of done is beat the crap out of the person that assaulted me instead of calling the Police. That would of been unlawful and I am a Law Abiding Citizen.

On a date in April the assailant came onto the property that I live at, into our back yard, threatened myself, my daughter and my son-in-law with a weapon. Why? Because he was jealous that someone else worked on my daughters car and he took an instant dislike to that. Just to stray slightly and provide some more insight, this was not the first time that this guy had abused and threatened us, we lost count of how many times this happened, Police were not called for any of the altercations except the last. Because that was the last straw. He threatened to kill me umpteen times. He threatened to kill us all.

Even after reporting the incident to 131 444; remember this is assault, threatening behaviour and he was brandishing a weapon; the police took HOURS to turn up and it took a couple of hours after that of talking and making statements before the assailant was arrested, charged and bailed with conditions. The next day I successfully applied for a VRO which also came with stringent conditions. Or so I thought.

Ten Minutes after the VRO was served on the assailant it was breached. I rung my local police station, found out the time he was actually served, reported the breach and was told unless I had evidence they could not act. I had no evidence had to let that slide. That week after checking on the legalities of operating CCTV we purchased an expensive set of cameras and placed them at vantage points of the property, purely for our protection remembering threats had been made against lives and property. I thought this was a fail safe way of proving and intrusion and especially that from a person bound by the court not to come within 10m of any external boundary, among other conditions.

There has always been abuse yelled across the street at me, finger signs, insults and the like. When it was realized that he wasn’t getting anywhere he stepped up his intimidation and taunting. The two neighbours between us will not get involved one is an elderly man the other a woman in her sixties, he has abused and threatened both of them, yep, you guessed it, nothing happened to him.

This last week he began really pushing the boundaries of his bail conditions and VRO, entering within the 10m zone without a care in the world, numerous times, intimidating, taunting revving the car so loud to attract your attention. I got sick of this behaviour and in addition to CCTV I began photographing him with my own camera thinking that i was collecting irrefutable photographic evidence. It turns out, after the police attended a total of 55 hours after they were called, i was told that my actions of photographing him were incorrect and therefore I caused him to Threaten me yet again, to kill me, to bash my head in.  Not to mention the hideous insults.

We know he lied to the police can’t prove it so it does not matter, we hear his yelling and abuse, can’t prove it so it will not matter, not sure why our CCTV is still up and running, because that is no good either. I am pleased to say that today is the first day so far without hearing him yelling insults and threats and he has not come within the boundary for two days now. When he does come back I have made up my mind of what to do.

Some further insight, this person has bragged on their FaceBook page, of breaking the law, kicking in doors and bestowing violence and he admits it quite freely. Just the same as he drives up and down the street on some occasions while drinking. he always used to brag he had no license as well. Can’t prove any of this so it does not matter. Though I do have the screenshots of his Facebook Page.

The way I feel is that I have been pushed into a corner, the Police cannot protect me without evidence, i am unable to gather evidence, leaves me two choices 1. Drop all charges, keep VRO and run. 2. Stand and give him the hiding he so deserves. One option will send me to jail, the other option will send me a district other than Mandurah. 

I know this sort of thing happens to a lot of people everywhere, i have read and heard countless horror stories of VRO’S what my daughter went through a few years ago to get one against her ex, was pure hell, yep you guessed it, nothing happened to that bloke either, also in Mandurah. 

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of those that offered support and advice when I commenced tweeting about this situation, Thank you all very much and i know some of you have been through this, I feel for you, I really do, others may never experience this and if you live in the Mandurah district or anywhere else for that matter I hope you never have to suffer through this hell!

I am treated with prescribed medication for a number of ailments, including BPD, anxiety and depression. This situation has doubled my anxiety and raised my stress levels, and causing my moods to go very low, I went into shut down mode over this and very nearly ended up in hospital. Stress is a killer. I now have to attend a few doctors appointments, get my meds upped and get something else to stabilise the sinking moods. Then try to get my head back into a good place. As you can probably appreciate for someone like myself this is very hard to do.

I have written these words without prejudice, they are not a complaint of anyone’s actions or non actions. I have purely related my account of the events that have occurred as I see them. 


Show Your Support – OIC Senior Sergeant Goy – Kensington Police

Hello, ( Waves) 

I love this Police Station. They are actively engaged in Social Media, participate in radio shows and newspaper stories. I have personally spoken to S/S Goy and followed the station on twitter for almost a year now. While i actually follow every single Police Station in Western Australia that is on Twitter.I really enjoy the involvement that Kensington provides.

I hope that one day that at least all stations within a 100km of Perth GPO will be actively engaged on twitter keeping the public up to date with what is happening in the respective areas. To see the Police utilize Social Media as a ‘crime fighting tool’ would be amazing. 

We, the general public need to show the WA Police that we are willing to be their eyes on the street, in the neighborhoods, shopping centres, car parks, online, everywhere! After all, we are all responsible to look after ourselves, our friends & families, we are also responsible to aid in the reduction of crime.  We can assist to do this by reporting suspicious behaviour wherever & whenever it occurs. Imagine having a crime free neighborhood because everyone is a lookout for all.

How we can help is by getting photographs & or videos, set up CCTV on your property & register it with

Consider Installing a dash camera in your vehicle to protect yourself and others on the road. These days you can even carry very small body cameras, that have a wide range of features. They are able to provide personal security, perhaps when walking through a shopping centre or a car park, travelling on public transport where anything can and often does happen. The more information that the police have from a crime or of behaviour that may constitute a crime the better the chances of a successful conclusion to an investigation.

So Please, get on board, you don’t have to follow every Police Station as I do, that’s a lot of work. Consider contacting your local station, follow them on Twitter, check out their district FaceBook page, Get to know your Local Policing Team. They are there to assist and to discuss any policing concerns that you may have.

Please remember that you cannot report crime to Police on their Social Media Sites. The three Main stream ways of contacting Western Australia Police are

  1. 000 – Life Threatening Emergencies Only
  2. 131 444 – Police Attendance
  3. 1800 333 000 – Crime Stoppers – report a crime or information of one anonymously.

Regards *S*

Kensington Police Officer in Charge Senior Sergeant Ash Goy

Recently visited the big apple and caught up with the New York Police Department.
He even managed some cross promotion – so no doubt @KensingtonPol now have an audience in the USA appreciating their ‪#‎dadjokesgonebad‬

via Western Australia Police.