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Buying A Car Online Is Easy, Convenient & Fast – There Are Some Things To Consider To Avoid The Scams

Buying a car online is convenient & easy. There are many sites to choose from and thousands of cars listed, categorized photographs at your fingertips ready for your perusal. Perhaps this choice is your first car adding to the excitement of online purchasing.

There are some pitfalls that online buyers & sellers can come across. Some of these can be devastating to the unwary.
Personally I would consider a checklist such as


  • Run The Rego Through REVS
  • Confirm The Advert Authenticity
  • Confirm Photographs (They might be fake)
  • View The Vehicle
  • 100 Point Vehicle Check
  • Know The Identity Of The Seller (MDL)
  • Complete All Paper Work At Point Of Purchase


  • Don’t Leave The Keys In The Vehicle
  • Keep The Vehicle Locked
  • Never Hand Over The Keys (until purchase is complete)
  • Do not Allow Lone Test Driving (Always Go With Your Vehicle)
  • Know The Identity Of The Buyer (MDL)
  • Complete All Paper Work At Point Of Purchase

Thanks & Regards  *S*