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Arrest Report – Busselton Police

Busselton Police were called to a residence on Marine Terrace in Geographe around 6.40pm overnight (30 Sept), and upon arrival, were advised that a man had left the area in a vehicle and was armed with a knife.
A short time later, the man returned to the scene before accelerating heavily away from the officers.
Police followed the man, who continued to evade police and drive erratically.
Police then sighted the car again on Marine Terrace, before it allegedly crossed onto the wrong side of the road directly at police. Police were forced to avoid a collision by driving onto a verge.
The driver attempted to further reverse into the police car as it followed his vehicle.
A DFES vehicle with four employees were also targeted, with the man driving at the truck causing the four to jump away to avoid being hit.
The vehicle then stopped outside the Marine Terrace address and fled into the house, where he was detained by officers.
The man had extensive injuries, which were believed to be self-inflicted. Police searched his vehicle and located a large knife.
The 38 year old Geographe man was conveyed to Bunbury Regional Hospital where he remains being treated.
Inquiries will continue and charges will follow.

via Western Australia Police.