I write this account of our experience with a removals and storage company without prejudice. The purpose of writing this account is to make others aware so that no one else gets ripped off as we did. I attest that the following is true and correct. Steven Dow

In January 2015 circumstances arose where we had need to store our furniture and move in with family.



This was to be my big mistake. Our furniture was with Crusader Removals for 15 months. We have never been receipted for any payments made to this company. Once after 6 months we were finally sent an invoice, a large one. We paid it off. Meanwhile time is passing and we await the official acknowledgement of payment and balance. NEVER HAPPENED. They failed to credit us around $180.00 that we overpayed on the first invoice.

It took many emails and phone calls to Crusader Removals and in particular a person called Nathan to get another invoice, 7 months later. My requests were ignored.
I emailed him how I would proceed through official channels. He accused me of threatening him and because I owed him money I had No Rights. He told me to go ahead with my complaints.
Finally on the 14th of April 2016 they send me two invoices which had to be paid before our furniture and belongings were delivered on the 16th April.
On this occasion we were ripped off again by over $400. The invoices had to be paid prior to delivery. No Payment No Furnture! No Belongings!

Nathan of Crusader Removals had the power in his hands to charge us what he saw fit. Which is exactly what he did. He knew we were pensioners and I believe he preyed on us.

We now realise we were ripped off on pick up too, except they were a bit more subtle that time and increased the hours.
I have copies of the emails I have sent that have been ignored. I have records of phone calls made that were also ignored.
I also have copies of the emails that were sent with invoices and some minor replies. My Major concerns were never addressed.

To add insult to injury we find that some of our furniture is broken, some screws were missing to reassemble dining tables that they dismantled and did not put back together. We are still going through boxes and finding broken items a clear indication of mishandling. Some things never even turned up. Funny how on pick up they made such a show of marking off what we had and labelling it, yet on drop off no confirmation was performed.

It took two men 45 minutes to unload one small truck, (imagine how quick load up was) they had easy access and their job was made easy for them. That includes toilet and smoke break. The people that uploaded and that delivered our furniture were polite and done their job. That is not where the problem lies.

I DO NOT Want this to happen to anyone else. I am not asking anyone to take sides, But, Please, if you agree that people should not be ripped off share this post. If it saves one person from going through this it will be worth it.

At the time of publishing there has been no email from Crusader Removals asking for our bank account details to give our money back.



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