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AFP With The Assist!

AFP with the assist!

14 odd hours’ drive north from Perth CBD lies the gorgeous town of Exmouth.

With five dedicated coppers and the Sgt it’s a great place to work but not without its challenges.

Recently they got a report of a trailer, two registered Yamaha Motorcycles and other assorted property items were stolen from one of their local hotels in Exmouth.

The stolen property is estimated to be worth approximately $20,000. Exmouth Police conducted an investigation into the stolen items and identified a person of interest and possible location of the stolen trailer in the industrial area of Exmouth.

A search warrant was approved for the location and Exmouth Police did not have enough officers available in Exmouth at the time to execute the warrant. A request was made to Exmouth AFP for assistance and they provided two officers to help with the search warrant.

With the extra hands from the AFP, Exmouth coppers were able to act swiftly and recover all of the stolen property and were able to have it returned to the owner.

The owner has asked for their thanks to be passed onto the AFP for their assistance in recovering the items.

First Class Constable Dawn Horgan said “The warrant would not have been possible to execute so quickly without the assistance of AFP. We are very grateful they were so willing to help us and that we achieved such a great result”.

Photos from Western Australia Police’s post

Source: Western Australia Police (Facebook)

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