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Men Missing East Of Laverton Located

The two men missing east of Laverton have been recovered and have been taken to Laverton Hospital for a check-up.
Barry Fraser and Robert O’Connor were recovered today in two separate trips by a 2 seat helicopter.
A number of factors helped the men be recovered safe and well including:
– Staying with their bogged vehicle – helping them be located by search crews.
– Providing others with an itinerary of their movements – which raised concerns when they didn’t arrive in Laverton as expected.
– Taking adequate food and water supplies – in the event that they should get stuck for a number of days.
WA Police are urging members of the public who are travelling in remote locations by car to stay with their vehicle if they become lost or incapacitated for some reason.
Police and Emergency Services utilise varying types of search resources, including aircraft and vehicles. In remote areas, it is much easier for searchers to spot a vehicle from the air, than it is a person. If people end up in this type of predicament we advise them to try not to panic, and stay with their vehicle at all times.
Remember to:-
• Have at least three days worth of water for yourself and the amount of people travelling with you, as well as for the vehicle.
• Carry enough food to ensure you are totally self sufficient.
• Ensure your vehicle is in good condition and suitable for the trip before setting off.
• Ensure you have sufficient fuel and at least two spare tyres. You will need to travel vast distances between service points.
• Ensure you have detailed current maps.
• Local Government Offices will have road condition information available. If possible before your journey check the main roads website for road conditions. http://www.mainroads.wa.gov.au
• Also, plan alternative routes in case your original route is inaccessible. Flooded roads can be particularly problematic throughout the State.
• Ensure you invest in an EPIRB or Personal Locator Beacon. These can be registered with the Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA), meaning when it is activated, not only do we have a good idea where you are. We will also have details of the next of kin etc.
• Satellite phones are also invaluable and will ensure rescuers can get to you as fast as possible if you need assistance.
• If you are travelling to very remote areas, make sure you have high-frequency (HF) and CB radios with you.
• Tell someone where you’re going and when you expect to arrive. Confirm your arrival with them.

Western Australia Police.

Laverton Land Air Search


Laverton Police Involved In Land & Air Search & Rescue

Laverton Police are conducting a land and air search and rescue operation east of Laverton today, Tuesday 22 March 2016, after information was received that a tradesman driving to Laverton from a remote community had not arrived as expected.
It is believed that at about 10:00am Sunday morning, 61 year old Barry John FRASER and another person left the Tjuntjuntjara Community (464km south-east of Laverton) in an Isuzu truck. They were expected to arrive in Laverton late Sunday evening.
The roads are unsealed and heavy rains have been experienced in the area.
Assisting in the search are police from Laverton and Leonora, State Emergency Service personnel and fixed wing aircraft.
Anyone that has seen the Isuzu truck or Mr FRASER is asked to call police on 131 444.

Western Australia Police.



Laverton Police Are Seeking Information Regarding The Whereabouts Of Missing 62 Year Old Reginald George…

Laverton Police are seeking information regarding the whereabouts of missing 62 year old Reginald George FOGGERDY, who was last seen yesterday, Wednesday 7 October 2015.

Mr FOGGERDY had departed Laverton on Tuesday 6 October 2015 to go on a hunting trip with a family member, heading to ‘Shooter’s Shack’ which is about 170km east of Laverton on Lake Ransom Road.

Mr FOGGERDY departed his camp site yesterday to hunt animals, however did not return in the evening. When it was established he had still not returned to the camp site this morning, Thursday 8 October 2015, he was reported missing to Police.

A land and air search is being conducted in the area with the support of local mine site personnel and State Emergency Service volunteers.

Mr FOGGERDY is described as fair skinned, with light brown hair. He was last seen wearing blue shorts, a blue t-shirt, a beige baseball cap, and thongs. He was also carrying a rifle.

It is believed Mr FOGGERDY may have become lost and does not have access to food and water.

Anyone who sees Mr FOGGERDY is asked to call Police on 131 444.


Source: Western Australia Police (Facebook)

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