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Northam Police Thank Community For Information

Northam Police would like to thank the community for stepping up and assisting with valuable information that helped identify a male who was able to assist with their inquiries.
Between 12 and 21 March 2016, Northam Police received complaints from the community about significant damage to vehicles at a number of commercial and private locations within the Northam townsite.
Police will allege that during the above mentioned time frame, a 20 year old Northam male accessed various properties and stabbed tyres of 19 vehicles parked at the locations.
It is believed that the total damage incurred during these acts will be in the vicinity of $10,000.
Senior Sergeant Geoff Dickson, Officer in Charge of Northam Police Station said local police worked hard to swiftly identify the alleged offender and bring him before the courts.
“Policing needs input from the community and in this case, I am beyond happy with the information we received. We reached out to the community through social media and had immediate success.”
“It helped validate police inquiries that were pointing to a person of interest that we were considering.”
“I want to thank the community of Northam for coming forward and helping me and my team. Sharing your thoughts and experience with us is exceedingly powerful and in this case allowed us to identify the person we will allege committed the offences, and charge him.”
The 20 year old male person was arrested and released to bail to appear at the Northam Magistrates Court.

Western Australia Police.


Reports Over The Last 2 Days Of Tyres Being Slashed At The Train Stn &Amp; Main Street, Report Suspicious…

Reports over the last 2 days of tyres being slashed at the train stn & main street, report suspicious behaviour #fb

This update came from the Northam Police on Twitter


Source: Wheatbelt District – WA Police (Facebook)

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A Simple Thanks Can Make Ur Day • Lady Had Her Purse Stolen • Police Caugh t The Crook Teamwork Happydays…

A simple thanks can make ur day • lady had her purse stolen • police caught the crook #teamwork #happydays #fb

This update came from the Northam Police on Twitter


Source: Wheatbelt District – WA Police (Facebook)

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Happy Monday :) Fishing Northam Style …

Happy Monday 🙂

Fishing Northam Style ….

In an effort to combat motor vehicle theft and related crime it was requested that a ‘Decoy Car’ make an appearance or several, in the Northam Town site. A Decoy Car is any vehicle used by WA Police to detect crime by capturing high quality video footage by several installed covert cameras.

Last week a male was observed walking past the Decoy Car and then returning to it a short time later. When he returned he has opened the front driver’s side door where it’s alleged he has stolen a sum of money from a wallet that was inside. The male has then started the vehicle and commenced reversing out of the parking spot. Police remotely stopped the engine of the vehicle and locked the doors. Police then apprehended the male still inside the motionless locked car.

As a result a 25 year old male from York was arrested and charged with Stealing of a Motor Vehicle and Stealing. The moral of the story is that anywhere, anytime the car you choose to steal or steal from could be one of these bad boys. Don’t take the chance, just don’t steal.

Timeline Photos

Source: Western Australia Police (Facebook)

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Northam Gate Crime Case Shut

Social Media slams the gate on crime in Northam!
Back on the 25 November 2015 a pair of old metal gates were removed from the front of a rural property on the outskirts of Northam by unconscionable thieves.
The owners of the gates were upset at the theft and reported the matter to police who commenced inquiries. Photos of the gates were supplied to Police and through social media, Police and the family reached out to the community with massive take up by the community in spreading the word across the state.
In December 2015 the gates were returned to the family by an unknown male person. The male person said he had ‘found’ the gates in a property in Northam and given the widespread knowledge about the gates being stolen, he thought that the gates should be returned to their rightful owner.
The family are over the moon at getting their gates back and acknowledge the impact that social media has had in encouraging a member of the community to do the right thing.
Senior Sergeant Geoff Dickson, Officer in Charge of Northam Police Station recently visited the family to discuss ongoing police inquiries into the identity of persons involved. Senior Sergeant DICKSON said, “The power of social media to reach into the community to increase awareness is a great tool for police. The ability to spread the word and empower the community to help us identify persons of interest or locate property is a huge benefit to our investigations.”
“I want to thank the community for helping us in this instance – the gates are back, the family is happy and the community has helped us do our job!”
Thank you again to all of our Facebook Investigators smile emoticon

 Western Australia Police.