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PD Slam Assists With Arrest Midland Detectives Have Charged Two Men And A Woman After They Attempted…

PD Slam Assists with Arrest

Midland Detectives have charged two men and a woman after they attempted to evade police in Hazelmere last night, Thursday 4 February 2016.

About 10.00pm officers observed a Ford Mondeo driving erratically on Reid Highway heading East from Beechboro Road and attempted to stop the vehicle on Lord Street in Brabham, however it is alleged to driver failed to stop for police.

It will be further alleged the vehicle continued to evade police through several suburbs, at times driving on the wrong side of the road and in excess of the speed limit.

On Roe Highway, near the Great Eastern Highway bypass, a tyre on the vehicle blowout and the vehicle caught on fire. Polair 62 identified all four occupants running from the vehicle into adjacent bushland and directed officers to arrest two of the offenders.

PD Slam and his handler arrived in the area and was directed by Polair to the location of the third offender, who was detained by PD Slam on the thigh.

PD Slam and his handler continued to search for the fourth offender, who was located hiding in thick scrub. The offender attempted to resist arrest by kicking PD Slam in the head but was successfully detained on the leg.

Both offenders who received dog bites were conveyed to hospital for medical treatment.

PD Slam was not injured in the arrest.

A 22 year old man from Forrestfield has been charged with:
– Breach of Bail Undertaking
– No authority to drive
– Driver of a vehicle failed to stop
– Reckless Driving

A 22 year old woman from Gosnells has been charged with:
– Breach of Bail
– Possess a Prohibited Drug

A 24 year old man from Midvale has been charged with:
– Obstructing public officers

All are due to appear in the Midland Magistrates Court today.

Inquiries still continuing regarding the fourth offender.

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Source: Western Australia Police (Facebook)

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Police Dog Slam Assists in Evade Arrests – Ballajura

Hello Readers

I always enjoy reading the Police stories regarding the actions of their Police Dogs. These great dogs provide a vital role in policing and are deployed for many tasks around the state. Their duties include and are not limited to Drug Detection, Cadaver Detection, Money Detection, Offender Tracking and Arrest.

It never ceases to amaze me that people will try and outsmart a Police Dog, seriously, why even bother, you can’t out run them, you can’t hide from them. These dogs are smart and exceptionally well trained. Put your hands together for the PD’S & their handlers out there. 

Thanks & Regards *S*

Ballajura Evade Police Arrests

(Police Dog Slam)

Two men have been arrested after an incident in Ballajura this morning, Saturday 15 August 2015, in which a vehicle failed to stop for Police.
About 12:25am officers from Kiara Police attempted to stop a Mitsubishi Triton on Illawara Crescent, Ballajura. The driver failed to stop and accelerated away from the officers.
The attempt to stop the vehicle was aborted, however it was located shortly after abandoned on a footpath on Jackaranda Drive.
A Dog Squad unit was sent to the scene and Police Dog Slam was deployed. PD Slam immediately picked up and tracked a scent along Jackaranda Drive, Saddlehill Ramble and into Chipala Park where he located an empty beer bottle. PD Slam continued to track the scent on Chipala Court, Evergreen Ramble and into Highview Rise we he located two men hiding behind a truck at the end of the cul-de-sac, one of which was carrying the same kind of beer bottle that PD Slam had located earlier in the park.
The men were challenged by the Dog Handler and they complied with the instructions given to them. Officers from Kiara Police and the Tactical Response Group, who were assisting with the search for the men, arrived shortly after and took them into custody.
Both men were taken to Kiara Police Station and inquiries are continuing.

via Western Australia Police.