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Good Afternoon Everyone. Team 2 Reporting In With A Good Result From A Traffic Operation Overnight

Good afternoon everyone. Team 2 reporting in with a good result from a traffic operation overnight.

On Thursday, February 11, police were running a booze bus operation on Armadale Road in Banjup.

During this operation police conducted a search on a suspicious vehicle which resulted in 18.36 grams of amphetamine, a machete, a quantity of cash and other drug related paraphernalia being seized.

A subsequent search of the POI’s address by Armadale Detectives, assisted by Breath Section officers, located a home-made handgun capable of firing .22 calibre rounds, a shotgun, cannabis, other weapons and ammunition

The person of interest was interviewed and subsequently charged with the following offences:
• Possession of Prohibited Drugs with Intent to Sell or Supply
• Possessed a prohibited drug x 2
• Possessed drug paraphernalia in or on which there was a
prohibited drug or plant x 2
• Unlicensed Person Possess Ammunition x2
• Possess Firearm with Circumstances of Aggravation
• Possess Unlicensed Firearm
• Carried a controlled weapon x 3
The person of interest appeared in court today.

This is one of two traffic stops in the same operation where unauthorised firearms were located.

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Great Result After Information From The Public!

Great result after information from the public!

As a result of a 12 month investigation into the local sale and supply of illicit drugs in Belmont, a Misuse of Drugs Act search warrant was executed at a house in September 2015 where a significant amount of drugs, cash and weapons were located.

Further information received from local sources and Crime Stoppers over the following months resulted in new allegations that the previous occupants were conducting further illegal activity from the address remotely.

Belmont Local Policing Team 4 executed another search warrant at the house on Belgravia Street this morning, Tuesday 9 February 2016, and it is alleged during the search officers located a defunct hydroponic setup, Cannabis plants, Methylamphetmaine, cash, smoking implements and mobile phones.

Four men present at the house will be charged by summons for drug related offences and will appear in court at a later date.

Western Australia Police are committed to disrupting illicit drug activity and encourage members of the public with information in relation to illicit drug activity to report the information anonymously to Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or at http://www.crimestopperswa.com.au

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Team 1 Back For Our 1St Day Everybody Is Urged To Take Precautions During The Hot Weather

Team 1 back for our 1st day

Everybody is urged to take precautions during the hot weather. If you can
· Drink plenty of fluid (not caffeinated, energy or alcoholic drinks).
· Find a cool place, in the shade or in a well ventilated shelter.
· Wear loose fitting clothing, a hat and apply an effective sunscreen (SPF 30+).
· Where practicable, limit physical activity during the heat of the day.
Watch out for:
· increased heart rate, nausea and vomiting, dizziness, fainting, confusion, headaches, muscle cramps.
· Life threatening signs may include; seizures, reduced level of consciousness and dry, red hot skin.
What to do should you or someone you know develops any of the signs above:
· Call an ambulance on 000 for life threatening signs.
· Rest in a cool well ventilated area.
· Drink plenty of fluid (consider clear juice or low sugar sports drinks).
· Apply cool wet cloths to skin.

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Sought For Inquiries. Police Are Seeking The Present Whereabouts Of Rowan Gareth COLBUNG

Sought For Inquiries.

Police are seeking the present whereabouts of Rowan Gareth COLBUNG. He is described as 30 years of age, 175cm tall with a medium build and was last seen wearing a grey hooded jumper with the word ‘NIKE’ across the front. He may be in company with a woman, 170 cm tall with a medium build and approx 27 years old.

Mr Colbung may be in possession of a stolen silver 2014 Toyota RAV4 and he is believed to frequent suburbs in the South East Metropolitan District.

This man is believed to have information regards Aggravated Burglary, Stealing, Steal Motor Vehicle and other offences committed across the metropolitan area.

Do not approach Mr Colbung. If he is sighted – do not post that information on this page as it is not monitored 24/7. Instead please call 131 444 immediately. Information may also be provided confidentially to Crimestoppers on 1800 333 000 or crimestopperswa.com.au

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Source: South East Metro District – WA Police (Facebook)

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Team 2 Again

Team 2 again.

Overnight in the land of the SEM Policing District we had a few things happen that may be of interest. Here is a brief snapshot of the basics – you might have to imagine some of the how and why and I’ll provide the result.

Belmont: – A 49yo male has been arrested and charged by Kensington Detectives with Aggravated Assault Occasioning Bodily Harm and a second offence of Threats to Kill related to a domestic violence matter involving the use of a weapon – it will be alleged that after the assault the victim had to run from her own home to seek help from a neighbour. The offender was refused bail and will appear in court today.

Camillo – Your Armadale based LPT has investigated an incident where the occupants of a vehicle stopped and threw large rocks through the bedroom window of a residence. The rocks landed on people sleeping in a bed. 2 men from Kelmscott (21yo and 30yo) have both been charged with Endanger Life Health and Safety of a Person and the driver of the car has also been charged with driving offences – both are on strict and monitored bail pending their appearance in court

Belmont – At 7.30pm last night a pizza delivery driver was out of his car delivering a pizza when a person jumped in (in the driveway) and stole it. The car was located in Wongan Hills about 3 hours – hidden behind a house. Local police attended and secured the exits before knocking on the front door.

The alleged baddie tried running from back door – Didn’t work. He saw Plod at the back door so ran back in and tried to barricade a bedroom – didn’t work. Tried to fight his way out of the room – didn’t work. Threw property from the room at police and smashed it trying to get out – didn’t work. Police restrained the person with handcuffs – that worked.

A 44yo Brentwood man will be appearing in Perth Court today after having his bail refused. He is charged with Stealing the car, Driving while under a life time ban, Assaulting a police officer and Damage.

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A Message From South East Metro District – WA Police

Team 2 again.
Back in for the last night of this rotation and it’s looking like a bit of a busy night as we deal with a number of people who appear to have donated their brains to science but continue to walk among us. There may well be a fountain of knowledge but it seems most of our customers tonight only gargled (and not for long)
My kids got this rant the day they got Learners Permits and they get a repeat of it about once a year. As a parent it scares the hell out of me.
In the good old South East Metro (in fact Australia wide), very few of us are criminals, very few of us are bad people and most know right from wrong and choose to stay on the good side. Not many of us will ever hold up a bank, assault a person without lawful cause, steal someone else’s property or do anything that is seriously criminal.
Fear of prison, (particularly fear of the perception that a big burly prisoner called Bubba will visit for a cuddle in the middle of the night) is the deterrent that reminds us of the right thing to do if we think about straying to the dark side of that line.
The only way most of us will ever get sent to jail is for doing something momentarily stupid while driving a motor vehicle. We all think we are the best driver that ever got behind a wheel and there is nothing we can’t do better than anyone when it comes to driving. Trust me, there are only two real types of drivers in general – bad ones and worse ones.
In the last 3 months at least 3 people I have heard in the news have gone to jail for between 3 and 4 years for what some consider a right – using their mobile phone while driving.
In the time it takes to look at it and to write or read a text is all the time it took for people who are fundamentally like you and me, to kill or maim innocent people and get charged with causing a death or permanent injury because they decided the message couldn’t wait.
There is no excuse, no reason to ever have to answer a phone, text anyone or read a text while you drive on the road..
Today making my daily trek to work 8 car drivers (and one motor bike rider) all drove by using their mobile phones. 9 Potential jail sentences right there.
If you can’t resist the temptation put the damn thing in the boot….,
There is no message that cannot wait until you are stopped.
If all else fails, remember Bubba and his cuddle!

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Team 2 With The Second Part Of The News Report

Team 2 with the second part of the news report.

In another matter just before lunch SEM Response (North) attended East Victoria Park in relation to a female in a suspicious vehicle with different number plates front and back.

On arrival officers identified the vehicle as being stolen a couple of days ago and the driver of the car was arrested on suspicion of stealing the car.

A search of the vehicle identified a large amount of property believed to be stolen from burglary offences. Kensington Detectives, took carriage of the investigation.

A thorough search of the vehicle located many items of property believed to be stolen or unlawfully obtained, including power tools, stamp collection, tablet computers, and linen. Enquiries identified property stolen from the offences that have occurred in Forrestfield and Gooseberry Hill.

A 33 year old female without a fixed address has been refused bail and will appear in Perth Court tomorrow charged with a burglary and commit offence (Dwelling), 3 stealing matters and stealing of a motor vehicle.

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Team 2 Again For The Last Night Of This Rotation – Hopefully Won’T Have To o Much To Write About But It…

Team 2 again for the last night of this rotation – hopefully won’t have too much to write about but it is the South East Metro so don’t hold your breath.

To catch up from the day’s events lets start with a couple of numpties who thought stealing a car and driving it recklessly would be a good way to pass time and amuse themselves,

The vehicle came to police attention early in the afternoon because of the way it was being driven in Hardey Road, Cloverdale. It matched a vehicle known to have been stolen from a burglary in Ascot in the last couple of days.

It failed to stop and accelerated away to evade police. As a result of the maniacal driving actions of the person in the stolen car police disengaged and the vehicle drove out of sight. Whilst other police saw the car after that time it was not re-engaged for some time.

After tactical strategies were put in place the stolen car was sighted near Miller St and Shepperton Rd in Victoria Park. Police activated all emergency lights / sirens but the driver continued to drive to get away and drove off the highway and into residential areas

Police Airwing in their upmarket Mixmaster tracked the vehicle with ground police able to disengage and be guided to the location that the vehicle was abandoned in Victoria Park.

Airwing directed ground staff to both offenders who were trying to slip out of the area – both were arrested without incident.

After inquiries a 21 year old Langford man has been refused bail and will appear in Perth Court tomorrow charged with stealing a motor vehicle, failing to comply with a direction to stop in a circumstance of aggravation, driving recklessly to escape police and driving without a license.

A 20 year old male passenger from Carlisle has been bailed to appear in Court on 16 February charged with stealing a motor vehicle.

Inquiries into other matters are ongoing. Another story to follow shortly.

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Team 2 Posting Again

Team 2 posting again.

Having a look back over the day’s events and I see a few things that might interest you (or some of you).

GOSNELLS: – Yesterday afternoon some of our Mounted Police were in the Gosnells area helping support the LPT. They stopped a Mitsubishi Lancer in Dorothy St, Gosnells and inquiries led them to search the vehicle and its occupants.

(Those of you wondering how our horses stop cars – check out the photo, its a bit compelling)

They were assisted by Gosnells LPT and a drug dog. The drug dog gave several indications in the vehicle leading to methyl amphetamine, a set of scales disguised as a mobile phone, a second set of scales, a quantity of clip seal bags and a smoking implement to be located.

Both occupants were taken to Gosnells LPT and further inquiries were conducted resulting in the locating of a further 3g of methyl amphetamine.

A 30 year old Parmelia resident will be appearing in Armadale Court within the next month charged with possess a prohibited drug with intent to supply and also with possess drug paraphernalia.

(And no – it wasn’t the fully stocked up TRG operative on the horse when she got stopped – it was just a uniformed police officer and her horse)

KENSINGTON: Kenso Detectives stopped a vehicle in Canning Hwy, Como. Inquiries resulted in a second police vehicle attending prior to the vehicle being searched. This resulted in drug paraphernalia being located including a smoking implement.

The driver was searched police located several small bags totaling about 9g of Methyl Amphetamine and a small amount of Cannabis.

The 29 year old male from Ferguson was arrested and processed on charges of possess with intent sell/supply (meth amphetamine), possess prohibited drug (cannabis) and possess drug paraphernalia (smoking implements/scales)

He will be appearing in Perth Magistrates Court in about 3 weeks

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Can You help – Armadale Detectives ?

It is a sad state of affairs when people like this steal from stores. It makes everything else more expensive for all of us especially when stores must pay thousands upon thousands of dollars for security. If you can help Armadale Detectives identify this man Please do so on the number they have supplied below. Further to this if you see someone stealing from a shop notify police and security as soon as you can. If you know someone that steals from shops consider reporting them to the Police.


Identity sought for the male person of interest in relation to a robbery at the Reject Shop, Armadale City Shopping Centre.
Incident occured on 14 June 2015 around 11.30 am.
Any information please contact Detective Senior Constable Tan at Armadale Detectives on 93990262.

via  South East Metro District – WA Police.