I recently started this site to portray the daily efforts of Police Officers and teams all over Western Australia. My twitter account @SupportOurCops has been active since September 2014 with over 40,000 Tweets.

It is the focus of this site to support authentic Police notices and stories. Which when posted will contain a link to the original post sometimes an insight from myself on any particular post.

It seems fitting to offer support in any way possible to our entire WA Police Force. In my line of thinking that means reading as many of their posts as I can and relaying the information to the community as timely as possible. The stories will not just be from Police sources, media and other sources used after the thematic of this site.

I am always looking for insight and realize there is always room to grow & change for this reason I am open to opinion, reason & constructive critique.  Derogatory comments and remarks will not be engaged with in any manner.

I hope you enjoy this site as much as i do and that you will join me here and help me Support Our Cops of Western Australia. Please check back often as content will change.

Your insight on this post ?

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